Stan Lee

I have the immense please of meeting the legendary Stan Lee.

As an example of how he treated his fans / fans of his characters. Stan was booked on a flight from USA to arrive in Melbourne on Friday morning to be at the convention starting on the Saturday. There was an issue going through customs, causing Stan to miss the flight (apparently custom office dropped some medication that Stan needed and had to be replaced prior to coming to Australia). He was booked on the next available flight, which did not arrive into Melbourne until Saturday morning.

Stan went direct from the airport to the convention where he spent all day at the convention, did all ‘meet and greet’ and all sessions. The line for signings was very long all day, and the convention organizers forgot to cut off the queue. Stan stayed past the official end of the day and ensured everyone who was already in line get their items signed and a conversation. The signing session was scheduled to end at 5pm, Stan stayed until 7:30, and was back at 9am the next day ready to go again.

This is an original sketch from the opening credits for the show Stripperella, a collaboration between Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson. The grin on Stan’s face when he got to this piece was fantastic, and we had a brief chat about the show. He seemed glad to have something other than the standard Marvel superhero items to talk about.